Grinnell Library is located at 2642 East Main St, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590; the building is at the corner of East Main Street and Spring Street in the Village of Wappingers Falls.

From Poughkeepsie:

Travel south on Route 9, turn on Route 9D (past the mall), and continue through the village (down the long hill and back up).

BEFORE you approach a stop light, the library is located on the left.

OR (to avoid traffic toward Beacon):

Travel south on Route 9, pass the mall and continue going straight when Route 9 shrinks from 3 lanes into 2. Once you pass Wendy’s on your right, turn right at the intersection after the Dairy Queen.

Continue down Main Street about 5 blocks until you approach a stop light. Go straight and turn at the next right for our parking area.


Parking is available in front of the Library on East Main Street (2-hour parking, no meters). There are also parking spaces available on Spring Street, alongside Mesier Park (4-hour parking, no meters). There are also a limited number of spots within Mesier Park (no hourly limit) and on-street parking within the neighborhood adjacent to the park.

Due to the road construction (October/November 2018)

The Village of Wappingers Falls posted this notice in early October:

WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY – Beginning Monday October 8, 2018 East Main Street from South Avenue to Route 9 will be closed due to ongoing utility and road construction. Traffic will be one way westbound from Route 9 to South Avenue. There will be no through traffic allowed eastbound in the direction of Route 9D to Route 9.

This construction should NOT affect the parking spaces on Spring Street or in/around Mesier Park – but please drive slowly through the neighborhood and the narrow roads.

However, to get back to Route 9 from Grinnell Library’s parking spaces on Spring Street, follow these directions:

1. From Spring Street, turn right onto the next street (Park Street).
2. Continue on Park Street for 2 blocks until you reach the STOP sign.
3. Turn left onto North Mesier Avenue; this road will bring you past the park and the lake’s boat launch.
4. Continue on North Mesier Avenue slowly – look out for the STOP signs and the day-to-day residential activity – until you reach a bend in road toward the right.
5. At this bend, you will see a plaza (with Spins Bowl), a gas station and a stop light for Route 9 access. (Alto Music can be seen across the street.)
6. Safe driving!

Potential Route 9 delays (October/November 2018)

We asked 511NY – the traffic info portal for the NYS Dept. of Transportation – about construction signage on Route 9:

In other words, for our patrons, there may be delays to turn onto Main Street from Route 9, and there may be delays while driving through the neighborhood to get back to Route 9 (using the directions above).

So please give yourself a few extra minutes if you’re coming to Storytime, Sign & Sing or another program held here at Grinnell.