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Information for teens & tweens

Volunteering Opportunities

Teen Volunteers are an indispensable part of our library.  We need teen volunteers during the school year to help with various programs.

If you need hours during the school year, click here for more information.

Programs for adults

Reader’s Rendezvous Book Club:

Participants meet every 4th Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 pm, to discuss their current book selection with some light refreshments. New members are always welcome to join.

Take a look at our calendar to find out which book is for this month.

Brain Games – during the Spring and Fall:

Thursdays at 2:00 pm – 3:30pm; no sign-up needed, just stop on by!

For Adults & Seniorsbrain games

Give your brain a work out at this brain teaser program! Bring paper and pen and join the fun! Persons of every skill level are invited to participate.

There has been a good amount of talk recently on the relationship between Alzheimer’s and exercising your brain, and a recent study suggests that lifelong mental engagement prohibits the formation of a certain type of plaque that forms on the brain. In general, being mentally active is always a plus. But this suggests positive outcomes for personal health over the long term. ~by Ian Cunningham | AARP Blog Author

This program is sponsored by Grinnell Library and Dutchess County Office for the Aging.

What’s on this week at Brain Games?
Yowza! It’s Time for Brain Games!
Using the words below, our members wrote up some creative and funny paragraphs… how about you?

    1. Yonkers
    2. yo-yo
    3. yellow
    4. Yolanda
    5. yam
    6. yoke
    7. yesterday
    8. youngster
    9. yield
    10. yodel
    11. yonder
    12. yardstick

— Yolanda, a youngster from Yonkers, loved playing with her yoyo while wearing her favorite dress with the yellow yoke. Yesterday, after a big breakfast of leftover candied yams, she yielded to the temptation to go off into yonder valley to yodel, carrying a yardstick with her to fend off would be yoyo thieves.

— Yesterday over yonder in Yonkers, I met a yodeling youngster named Yolanda, yielding a yoke made from a yam colored yardstick and yellow yo-yo.

— Yesterday, Yolanda watched the youngster from Yonkers spin his yellow yoyo while he yodeled a tune from down yonder, being driven on a cart pulled by a yoke of yaks. He taught these animals to yield to pedestrians, using a yardstick to guide and control them, and cut up yams as incentive to plow through the city streets.